Sunday, July 31, 2011

33-week photo

July 15, 2011

32 week photo

From Heidi and Armando's Douglas Preserve wedding - July 8, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inexplicably Late

I think it's been 5 weeks since my last post. I think blogs are more difficult than they seem. I initiated this blog with my first pregnancy when everything was an exciting new adventure/process in learning. As this is my second pregnancy, I thought it would be a good idea to do the same, but all that learning is already complete so I find myself trying hard to continue to focus the blog on pregnancy, but I think I should transition into just "blogging". That's a little intimidating because on one had there are infinite things one can blog about and simultaneously perhaps nothing that will hold the interest of others like a blog should. These days I follow quite a few clever/humorous blogs so I feel a bit of pressure.

To focus on the pregnancy: I am now 35 weeks along and feeling SO MUCH MOVEMENT and also lots of pressure. This little guy already feels like he definitely has a much different personality than Mateo. How interesting to see how they will differ and also their similarities. I wonder what this one will look like?

Life: Mateo and Javier just returned from their one week boys trip to Argentina without me. Javier wanted to "take a trip" in July and my only request was that it not be to a place where I would have to be on a plane. I'm way too pregnant and also, road trips are fun! That turned into him going to Argentina with Mateo without me. No where close to my ideal, but once this discussion started happening and I realized I didn't have much choice in the matter, I decided that it would at least be a way for me to relax from the daily duties of domestic life with a toddler. It's important to always look at the positives, right? While they were away in the chaos and winter of Buenos Aires, I was here catching up with all my friends without kids. My life was so foreign to me. Suddenly I was on leisurely walks with friends, drinking tea and listening to loud music in the mornings at my choice of time to wake up, I had tons of meals out and got to try two new local restaurants, I saw a film! and even got many things accomplished around the house (you know, nesting stuff, like organizing cabinets and framing photos). I worked diligently with our contractor and had a new closet created and quickly filled it with neatly stacked towels, wash cloths and sheets. I boxed and sorted critical office papers. It was just me and Queso and wow, was life relaxing. It's difficult for me to remember life feeling that way before, but there is a very clear and definable difference between life with a husband and toddler and life without the husband and toddler. One is definitely not better than the other, but they are simply different. I, of course, missed my little monkey like crazy. I missed his infectious laugh, his 7:30am "Mama" calls from his room, our walks to the beach, and rushing home from work to see him every day. But my very pregnant body appreciated the break, I'm pretty sure of that.

The boys returned yesterday (Friday, July 29th) at 3pm to a bag that didn't arrive which kept us at the airport for another solid hour to report the missing bag. When we finally arrived at home, I was desperate to get my tired little one in the bath because I was transposing the feelings that I have after International (and national for that matter) flights of a desperation to get clean and rid myself of the plane air stuck in my nose and on my skin. It always grosses me out so much. In the bath, Mateo started shivering pretty badly. Got him out immediately figuring he was over tired and perhaps very hungry. Took him downstairs for a bite to eat, and he was definitely out of character in the eating department. I knew immediately that he would have to be in bed early ... like 6:30pm early as he was just not himself. After putting him down I went to check on him about an hour later and he was BURNING UP! Scarily so, big fever for sure. We eventually brought him in bed with us and administered some acetaminophen upon confirming a 103.5 degree fever. Today hasn't been much better and in fact at one point his fever got up to 104.8. I was about to have a panic attack, but Dr. Vic has assured me that since he has no other symptoms the only thing we need to do is keep his fever down (with acetaminophen or motrin) and thinks he's probably just working on kicking a virus or something. I hope so, but I must admit to googling "West Nile Virus" today. There's a fine line between being a relaxed parent and neglect. And a high fever can be very dangerous. It's hard with a sick baby because they are unable to tell you much about how they feel. It's a guessing game and you do the best you can. Mateo is such a trooper though, really. He always impresses me and he's handled his "virus" like a champ. I just hope he's better by tomorrow!

I'll post some ever expanding photos now!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Photo - 31 weeks

Can't believe I'm posting this, but here goes: