Tuesday, September 22, 2009

31 weeks

I am amazed at how big I am. I dont feel this big.... well, most of the time...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Photo - 30 weeks

Javier went walking with me last Thursday and shot this lovely photo. This is the walk Baby Mus, Queso and I do several days of the week at our local More Mesa beach.

30-31 weeks

I'll turn 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow! Only nine more to go. CRAZY!

Nothing much going on with the pregnancy actually. It's business as usual with Baby Mus - the MOVER and SHAKER! He is very active in the womb, but then again, I'm still pretty active. He's probably pretty used to be moved around and rocked and perhaps finds it comforting. Last night we had dinner at a friends house and she has recently returned from Europe with some YUMMY and strong chocolate (85% cocoa). Of course I couldnt resist, but I think it made him do flips. I was in bed around 10pm, but didnt fall asleep until he finally settled down probably around 11:30ish. I still find it absolutely wild that there is a little person moving all around inside of me. What a fascinating miracle!

This weekend was a success on one big front. Javier cleaned the garage!!! He worked long and hard on his Sunday and I'm so appreciative! I started to clean out the office ... it's a work in progress, but I'm close! I find "papers" and office stuff the most difficult to organize. I feel like once things are filed I just forget about them. So my normal protocol is to simply leave papers out. BAD...very BAD. I'm improving though.

Javier and I had an appointment with one of our midwives, Laurel, on Thursday. She was at our home for a couple of hours and it was great to hear his heart beat and start a bit of the mental preparation/counseling that is certainly critical for us to hear in this time before our lives change dramatically. Today we meet with our back-up doctor, Dr. Ramos, so it looks like we'll get to hear his heart again -woohoo! I believe we will only have one more appointment with Dr. Ramos and the purpose is simply to establish rapport in case we end up having to deliver the baby at the hospital. I really like her too so we'll see how things go, but I'm working hard to mentally prepare for both scenarios as I don't want to feel disappointed with myself if things dont turn out as planned. But so far, all is going well so we're not anticipating any issues.

This week is big -- I'm planning to order the big ticket items i.e. crib, changing table and glider. Thanks again to my mom and dad for helping out with these items. It will be fun to see his room coming together.

Mentally I feel great and fairly relaxed right now. I'm sure it has a lot to do with Javier being home and taking good care of me. It makes such a big difference! He only has one more very short trip before the birth. Hopefully I dont fall into my panic state!

Weight gain as of today: 23 pounds

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 29 photos

Week 29 ... almost over

Although week 30 will commence tomorrow, I figured I need a Week 29 update. It was so so nice having Javier home last week. He only leaves one more time (I think) before the baby's arrival and I think it's only for a couple of days in early October. I hope so anyway. It was really rough for me this last time he was gone and I think that was difficult for him to understand.

Thankfully, last week, we started our "Birth Circle" with our midwives and some of the other couples due around the same time as us. Since me telling Javier that I need him around didn't seem to be enough, the reiteration by the midwives about this physical need was super great! I was not too sure what to expect from the Birth Circle and had therefore held off from registering for a childbirth education class. But after our first meeting, I have promptly enrolled us for a childbirth education class. The midwives are really wonderful and for them it's very important that we feel a sense of community with other new families, which I totally appreciate, BUT I still feel like I need some more hardcore information. The first Birth Circle was more like a potluck with a light discussion. Maybe this week will be more information intensive ... I hope!

No progress on our "nursery" yet, but it's at least an empty room with new windows, newly cleaned carpet and a fine color paint :)! My mom offered to buy us a glider and my dad offered to buy the crib - WONDERFUL! It truly does take a village ... Anyway, I'm excited to see things coming together, at least in my head and dont feel the amount of worry that I did in the previous weeks.

I've got new photos, but need to upload them to the computer. They are a reminder to even me of my size. I forget how big I am until I see the photos or pass a mirror from the side! ;-)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 28

I'm feeling much better this week. I finally got some registries together, Devon got the shower invites out the door and my mom and Vicki got their airplane tickets to come out for the shower. Also, I ordered some crib bedding. It's probably the least useful thing I could have ordered, but it's crib bedding I've been eyeing for some time and it's currently out of stock and therefore back-ordered and for whatever reason it just made me feel better to hit the "order now" button on something. I feel like I've done so much research online for all sorts of products, but haven't made any purchases yet.

Javier is once again out of town and this is a struggle. Not only do all the responsibilities of our home and the dog fall on my shoulders, but I don't have him around to talk through my concerns,worries, stresses, etc. I really need him around. I wish he felt this were as important as I do.

I was supposed to meet with my midwife today, but she is at a labor so we'll be meeting tomorrow. I always love to hear the baby's heartbeat and I look forward to it so much ... TOMORROW! He's been moving around a lot for sure so that's always reassuring.

I'm reading my friend Mandy's "Bradley Method" (a style of natural birthing) book and last night I got to the page that showed what the actual size of 10cm looks like (this is how far your cervix needs to be dilated in order to begin pushing the baby out). For the first time, I got pretty freaked out about birth. 10cm is HUGE!!!!!!!!

At this point I've gained about 20 pounds and according to my iPregnancy iPhone application, 11 weeks and 5 days remain until my due date, but the baby will be "full tern" on November 3rd (coming right up!). He probably weighs between 2 lbs 9ozs and 3lbs 11ozs. The surface of his brain is beginning to show the twists and grooves seen in older children (it was all smooth before). Also, it is thought that babies begin to dream during the 3rd trimester. How cool - Baby Mus is dreaming!! DREAM BIG, Little One!