Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 29 ... almost over

Although week 30 will commence tomorrow, I figured I need a Week 29 update. It was so so nice having Javier home last week. He only leaves one more time (I think) before the baby's arrival and I think it's only for a couple of days in early October. I hope so anyway. It was really rough for me this last time he was gone and I think that was difficult for him to understand.

Thankfully, last week, we started our "Birth Circle" with our midwives and some of the other couples due around the same time as us. Since me telling Javier that I need him around didn't seem to be enough, the reiteration by the midwives about this physical need was super great! I was not too sure what to expect from the Birth Circle and had therefore held off from registering for a childbirth education class. But after our first meeting, I have promptly enrolled us for a childbirth education class. The midwives are really wonderful and for them it's very important that we feel a sense of community with other new families, which I totally appreciate, BUT I still feel like I need some more hardcore information. The first Birth Circle was more like a potluck with a light discussion. Maybe this week will be more information intensive ... I hope!

No progress on our "nursery" yet, but it's at least an empty room with new windows, newly cleaned carpet and a fine color paint :)! My mom offered to buy us a glider and my dad offered to buy the crib - WONDERFUL! It truly does take a village ... Anyway, I'm excited to see things coming together, at least in my head and dont feel the amount of worry that I did in the previous weeks.

I've got new photos, but need to upload them to the computer. They are a reminder to even me of my size. I forget how big I am until I see the photos or pass a mirror from the side! ;-)

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