Saturday, October 24, 2009

35 week photos

Week 35

In the middle of the 35th week already. The time is quickly approaching. Still feeling like we have so much to do, but I dont guess I'll ever feel "ready". Today is Saturday and I've completed my final full week of work. That's crazy too. I'm kind of in denial about the fact that Monday is my last day. I have work duties scheduled all morning and other client issues to deal with, but I have yet to start to 'pack up' my desk. Plus, I need to leave work on Monday at 5pm in order to be at my Junior League Management Team meeting at 5:15pm. I'm not sure how I'm going to have time to truly complete all my tasks. But hopefully it will be my last such stressful day for a while. Baby Mus and I need some rest!

I'm getting to the point where my body hurts at the end of the day, well at like 6pm. My feet hurt like I've been standing up on them for 60 hours (always) and my upper back feels like I've gained 30 pounds ... which I have ;-)!! Even though I have slept for over 10 hours last night, I'm ready for a nap right now! But really I dont want to complain. Overall I feel good and lucky. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photos - 34 weeks

34 weeks

I could seriously cry over how kind people are. Devon hosted my shower over the weekend and it was absolutely beautiful. The food was delicious and every detail was just perfectly special. Devon, her mom and some other friends worked so hard to make everything absolutely delightful and sweet. My mom and Vicki made the trek out all the way from Indiana to be here for me and my family and friends ensured that Baby Mus will be welcomed into the world with plenty of "stuff" - very useful stuff. I cannot help but feel simply humbled by what an advantage Baby Muslera will have coming into the world surrounded by such support and love. I have had my moments of panic ... feeling like "oh my gosh, we need so much stuff for a new baby.... this is so expensive .... " etc., but last night as I sat in his room to be surrounded by all the things we've been gifted with I just wanted to cry realizing how lucky we are. This little one is not only going to have everything he needs, he'll have stylish clothes, an organic boppy and infinite love! It reminds me that every kindness is important. It reminds me of times when perhaps I have felt as though something nice I did went unnoticed and I hope that no one feels that their kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity for Baby Muslera (and Javier and I by default) have gone unnoticed.

At 34 weeks and still feeling pretty good. I wonder how big he is and what he does all day. I guess he doesnt have a concept of "bored" yet ;-). Or perhaps it is infinitely entertaining sharing my feelings and listening to me all day - hahaha. At this point the updates on his development are not that exciting. He's pretty much developed and is just filling out at this point - "Not much changes from 34 weeks pregnant and on except your baby is adding valuable meat to his bones."

I'll post photos soon. Javier and I took a few this morning and of course there are several from the shower.

Only 6 more weeks to go ... give or take a few on either side ... it's really all up to him!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

33 weeks

Javier and I met with our "birth circle" for our fourth and final meeting this evening. The birth circle is held by our 3 midwives - Anna, Alice and Laurel - and has other couples with due dates around the same 3-4 month time frame as us. We have been attending every Wednesday and although we have both enjoyed the meetings and getting to know some of the other couples, we haven't found incredibly useful. I don't think it's supposed to be all that "useful", but more an opportunity for us to create a community with these other people who are going through the same thing as us and hopefully a community which we will stay closely connected to after the birth of our babies.

A few Fridays ago we attended a one-night intensive childbirth education class, which I found amazing. It was conducted at the teacher's home and she gave the men TONS of techniques for being a great birth partner. We also watched two births which just melted my heart. I feel like every time I see a baby being born, it is just the most amazing miracle ever.
Also, since the last time I have written I ordered and received our crib, changing table and glider. Thanks to Mom and Dad for your help with these items :)! Javier was a star and had everything put together in a matter of hours after it was received. Seriously, it was amazing. We are very pleased with the crib and changing table. We made a bold, modern choice to go with a two-tone selection and now I'm having a bit of a dilemma with the glider. It's not the right color and I just don't love the comfort level. The price of the glider was definitely right, but we're considering returning the purchase and maybe splurging a bit more to get a really comfy and cozy chair that we'll really want to have around for year. Sorry Mom!! I just think it might be a better investment to have a great rocking chair around....

The weekend of September 26th, a few of our friends threw an informal and casual co-ed baby shower for us and another couple having a baby soon. It was a "Baby Celebration" and it was a lot of fun. Our friend, Mandy, was in town from Hawaii and she helped organize the celebration that was held at Lars and Melissa's home. I was touched by the gesture and we were shocked to receive the car seat from our registry :)!!! The whole thing was a bit of conundrum for me as Devon had already planned a shower for me and sent out invites so many of the attendees at the baby celebration had already received an invite for Devon's shower which is coming up THIS SATURDAY! Anyway, I was really worried that people would think I expected them to get me two gifts, but was so flattered, happy and surprised with the car seat. It's really touching to have your friends and family pitching in in all sorts of helpful ways.

My mom and her friend Vicki arrive tomorrow night. They are coming in for the shower and generally to help me prepare. I'm really looking forward to having them here and also to my 4-day weekend - woo hoo!

I would like to extend a big formal thank you to my dad and Chris for putting together a great care package full of blankets and the like of baby necessities!! And also a BIG THANKS to Mariellen for the hand-made blanket. We were very excited to receive the package!
Here are some photos taken this morning with our brand new camera - yep, we're throwing out all the stops for Bebe Muslera!