Wednesday, October 14, 2009

34 weeks

I could seriously cry over how kind people are. Devon hosted my shower over the weekend and it was absolutely beautiful. The food was delicious and every detail was just perfectly special. Devon, her mom and some other friends worked so hard to make everything absolutely delightful and sweet. My mom and Vicki made the trek out all the way from Indiana to be here for me and my family and friends ensured that Baby Mus will be welcomed into the world with plenty of "stuff" - very useful stuff. I cannot help but feel simply humbled by what an advantage Baby Muslera will have coming into the world surrounded by such support and love. I have had my moments of panic ... feeling like "oh my gosh, we need so much stuff for a new baby.... this is so expensive .... " etc., but last night as I sat in his room to be surrounded by all the things we've been gifted with I just wanted to cry realizing how lucky we are. This little one is not only going to have everything he needs, he'll have stylish clothes, an organic boppy and infinite love! It reminds me that every kindness is important. It reminds me of times when perhaps I have felt as though something nice I did went unnoticed and I hope that no one feels that their kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity for Baby Muslera (and Javier and I by default) have gone unnoticed.

At 34 weeks and still feeling pretty good. I wonder how big he is and what he does all day. I guess he doesnt have a concept of "bored" yet ;-). Or perhaps it is infinitely entertaining sharing my feelings and listening to me all day - hahaha. At this point the updates on his development are not that exciting. He's pretty much developed and is just filling out at this point - "Not much changes from 34 weeks pregnant and on except your baby is adding valuable meat to his bones."

I'll post photos soon. Javier and I took a few this morning and of course there are several from the shower.

Only 6 more weeks to go ... give or take a few on either side ... it's really all up to him!

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  1. I have been waiting for you to have that moment in the nursery where you are prepared and will be fine!!! It was my pleasure to host a shower for such an amazing woman like you Erin! And what is the joy of Motherhood if you can't pass on the wisdom? Enjoy every minute of this pregnancy, beacuse I am sure the second time around it's a whole different story.