Saturday, August 13, 2011

37 weeks

My last day of work was Friday, August 12th. When the day actually arrived, I didn't necessarily feel as excited as I thought I should. I guess it's because lately, work has been a fairly relaxing environment. A quiet place where I can have a cup of tea, have hilarious adult conversation, solve lots of problems and actually accomplish things. All of which are done sitting down, which it feels I'm rarely able to do at home not surprisingly, with a 20 month old. But now, it's Saturday evening and we will go for a mini family vacation for a few days in Morro Bay, California so I'm already excited that I don't have to work next week :). When we return, I'll turn into my tornado woman self trying to complete all the tasks at home that have been on my to-do wish list and then hopefully just when everything feels ready, little Mr. Muslera will arrive. Of course, that's how baby arrivals always go, right? Just exactly when you want them to ;-). With Mateo being 10 days late it's difficult for me to feel like I don't have plenty of time, but on the flip side I no longer feel "great" like I always seemed to with Mateo. In fact, it's difficult to walk, my upper back hurts constantly and I get a lot of lower pelvic pain. I really hope I'm not too early because I'm really excited about having a Virgo baby. Only 10 more days to make it safely out of the Leo times! Since I'm a Virgo, I can report it is the best sign of the zodiac ;-)!