Wednesday, April 20, 2011

20 weeks

Another Day at the Beach :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's another BOY!

Javier, Mateo and I have just come from the appointment with Santa Barbara's premier perinatal doctor, Dr. Soffici. My memory of this appointment with the first pregnancy was wonderful. It's such a special time to see the 4 chambers of the baby's beating heart, the healthy spine and other healthy organs and also the baby's sex. I remembered that we were able to view all of this on a 40" LCD on the wall above our heads - a very magical memory. But, when we arrived in the room today, much to my surprise and disappointment, I found the monitor is actually quite small. Again, nothing as exciting as the first time. Also, I started to have some intuition that I have been carrying a baby girl around. When Dr. Soffici mentioned the sex as "obvious", I knew in an instant I was wrong. "Unmistakably another boy," he exclaimed of his discovery. It took a while to sink in .... okay, another boy. Well, that seems easy enough. We have the clothes, we have another boy - perfect. But why do I somehow feel a little strange and why has no other mother ever talked to me about this feeling that probably happens to a lot of mother's who learn that their second baby is the same sex as their first. Ideally, we would like three children, but obviously we'll need to re-evaluate after two for financial and other reasons, and at this point our odds are leaning heavily toward a one-sex family. Ultimately I believe very strongly that God always gets things perfectly and that having two boys is going to be really fantastic, I don't want to be misunderstood. I simply wanted to take some time to explore the feelings of learning that your second baby is the same sex as your first. ... If anything, I think it makes the case for 3 kids even stronger :)! Congratulations to the brothers Muslera! And congratulations to Javier, Mimi, Abu, Grandpa, Abuelo and all of the rest of our loving and supportive family and friends. A healthy baby is the ultimate blessing.

Monday, April 4, 2011

18 weeks

Wow, just reviewed my 18-week photo from my pregnancy with Mateo. I'm definitely bigger already this time around. The roundness looks more full. With Mateo at 18 weeks, my stomach looked kind of like it was fighting to come out, but this time I'm round and looking quite pregnant already. Hum, wonder if this baby is bigger or if one just shows differently the second time around.

Wednesday, April 6, is the big day. The day we will apparently find out if we are to have a baby boy or girl. The fact that I want to know disappoints me, but I cannot live with this level of curiosity for 4-5 more months knowing that we could know. I really admire those who do not find out. It's an amazing statement of character given the technological world in which we live.