Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's another BOY!

Javier, Mateo and I have just come from the appointment with Santa Barbara's premier perinatal doctor, Dr. Soffici. My memory of this appointment with the first pregnancy was wonderful. It's such a special time to see the 4 chambers of the baby's beating heart, the healthy spine and other healthy organs and also the baby's sex. I remembered that we were able to view all of this on a 40" LCD on the wall above our heads - a very magical memory. But, when we arrived in the room today, much to my surprise and disappointment, I found the monitor is actually quite small. Again, nothing as exciting as the first time. Also, I started to have some intuition that I have been carrying a baby girl around. When Dr. Soffici mentioned the sex as "obvious", I knew in an instant I was wrong. "Unmistakably another boy," he exclaimed of his discovery. It took a while to sink in .... okay, another boy. Well, that seems easy enough. We have the clothes, we have another boy - perfect. But why do I somehow feel a little strange and why has no other mother ever talked to me about this feeling that probably happens to a lot of mother's who learn that their second baby is the same sex as their first. Ideally, we would like three children, but obviously we'll need to re-evaluate after two for financial and other reasons, and at this point our odds are leaning heavily toward a one-sex family. Ultimately I believe very strongly that God always gets things perfectly and that having two boys is going to be really fantastic, I don't want to be misunderstood. I simply wanted to take some time to explore the feelings of learning that your second baby is the same sex as your first. ... If anything, I think it makes the case for 3 kids even stronger :)! Congratulations to the brothers Muslera! And congratulations to Javier, Mimi, Abu, Grandpa, Abuelo and all of the rest of our loving and supportive family and friends. A healthy baby is the ultimate blessing.

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