Wednesday, June 1, 2011

26 weeks

Wow, this pregnancy is running away from me. So hard to believe this little one has been incubating for 26 weeks. He's a little trooper as mama is really busy right now and definitely not getting enough rest, but I can feel him all the time kicking away and enjoying life. He is extremely active. So much that he can give me quite a surprise at any moment. You can physically see my stomach move around pretty wildly if you're looking in just the right moment. Sometimes it's difficult to concentrate on anything else. Mateo is somewhat interested in my belly as well. He'll say hello and give me some pats. I really think kids are smarter than people give them credit so I'd like to think he kind of knows what's up. I don't expect that he completely understands the complexity of it, but I tell him that he used to be there and soon he'll have a brother. It's clear there is something in my stomach ;-)!

Fortunately, I've been blessed with two wonderful pregnancies so I don't want to complain, but juggling work, the house, a husband, a toddler, the Junior League presidency (hooray!) and general social outings is seeming like a lot. I'm doing my best to remember to breathe as I know that so much of how I feel right now is being transmitted to him.

It's 8pm and I feel like having a bowl of cereal and crashing for the night. I feel this way quite often actually. Too tired to think about food or anything else. Javier has been a champ and has been cooking lots of wonderful meals when he's been home, but he seems to have been out of town a lot over the past few months. We're about to face a pretty massive transition as the last day of his job is June 30th. As if adding a 2nd baby were not transition enough. I'm hopeful and optimistic about change. Everything will be great!

I've been trying to figure out if I'm bigger this time around or not and I don't think I logged my weight well last pregnancy. The midwives have all the info, but at 26+ (almost 27) weeks in this time around, I've gained 15 pounds.

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  1. Love the post! Glad you are feeling well; aside from the tiredness. I found that I was bigger with Kalista only in terms of how fast I began to show. But I gained the same amount with both girls.