Tuesday, July 14, 2009

21 Weeks - Oh, and it's a BOY!!

At this point, time is beginning to feel like it is starting to fly. In the beginning, it felt like it passed so slowly ... waiting to be 12/13 weeks and to be "safe" from the risk of miscarriage. Now, as I look at my expanding figure and the photos from the 19 week ultrasound on July 1st, I'm amazed at how quickly this little one is growing! It is such a miracle. He weighed only 10 ounces at the ultrasound, yet he is very well formed. He even has a really nice six-pack already ;-). The ultrasound was amazing. Even though I walk around daily with the belly and I read religiously about his development, nothing could have prepared me for what it would be like to see him on the 40" LCD monitor. It was incredibly reassuring to see his well formed and strong spine, he beating heart and his beautiful brain. I don't believe that his face is well formed yet, but it's getting there. We'll wait for his arrival to really see what/who he looks like. I can't wait. That will be so fun! He is moving around a lot too. He likes to swim all around and is really fond of the fluttering kicks. I think he's getting a lot of exercise already.

Javier and I were recently home for a 4th of July visit to Hanover/Madison. We had a lovely time visiting with family. It was wonderful to spend time with my mom, Dennis, Trevor, my Dad and Chris. It was also very fun to see my cousins (Holly and Kelley) and my stepbrother (Jason) and their families as well. There are a lot of little boys in the family right now. In fact, out of the 6 kiddies, 5 are boys and there are 2 more boys on the way and one of unknown gender on the way (Holly's 4th!). It seems that all the cousins are having more kids than their/our parents did. I'm seeing this trend amongst my friends as well. It's interesting.

What's going on with my birth plan? Well, I have officially changed doctors. Javier and I met with Dr. Susanne Ramos yesterday. We really liked her. She took time with us and let us listen to the heartbeat for some time, which is always incredibly exciting and fun. She mentioned he is moving around a lot too! I told Dr. Ramos that we will more than likely be doing a home birth and she was very supportive. Very different from the response I got from my previous doctor. I explained to her that it is important for me to have a rapport with a doctor as well in the event that something does happen that prevents us from doing a home birth. I'm trying VERY hard not to have expectations about this "perfect birth" that I have envisioned for myself. I know that anything can happen so I want to be realistic, but I will say that I feel completely capable and even excited about giving birth at this point!

Stay tuned for photos. I'm getting BIG :).

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