Saturday, July 18, 2009


On Wednesday, Javier and I met together with Alice Levine, who is another midwife in town and she works together with Anna Bunting. I had previously met with Anna alone and she and I hit it off, but I was interested in meeting her partner and also wanted Javier to meet them both so we could ensure our team chemistry would be good. We both LOVED Alice. Anna happened to be under the weather and unable to join us for the meeting so Javier has not had an opportunity to meet with her yet. It was such a great relied to meet Alice and just feel like everything is finally in place. I'm looking forward to working with them both and the decision to do a home birth! At this point, we are their only birth scheduled for late November. That's comforting for me as I wouldnt want to have to compete for them with another laboring woman ;-)

So it seems everything is in place. Anna and Alice are both Certified Nurse Midwives with YEARS of experience and wisdom. They also work with Laurel Phillips, who is the person putting together the Santa Barbara Birth Center which is scheduled to be complete by November, but as the way most projects go, I'm counting on that happening later.

At this point I've gained about 15 - 17 pounds. Right on track for being a little more than halfway through the pregnancy. And I dont know if I mentioned this yet, but pregnancy is 10 months ... it is not NINE! According to one book I am reading the months look like this:

21 - 25 weeks: 6 months (I'm here, 22 wks tomorrow)
26 - 29 weeks: 7 months
30 - 33 weeks: 8 months
34 - 40 weeks: 9 months (notice, this is 7 weeks!!!)

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