Thursday, August 6, 2009

Off to Yellowstone

I'm 24 weeks pregnant, it's 1am and I'm almost fully packed for our Wyoming/Yellowstone/Mandy & Jeff wedding adventure. I'm so horrible at packing that I cannot even imagine getting myself and a little one together for a trip. And it's always like this ... I'm never fully packed and ready to go, rather it drags on and on into the night.

I've gained a solid 20 pounds at this point and I have to go to the bathroom about every 30 minutes so this trip could be interesting ;-). I'm also in this nesting phase where all I want to do is be home getting ready for the baby so this big logistical adventure has seemed somewhat overwhelming. I'm sure it's going to be fun, but for me prepping for a trip can just bring so much stress. I'll turn 25 weeks this Sunday and by the time I get back and post again I'll be 26 weeks ... into the 7th month! I feel like we still have so much to do in regards to the preparation. Of course, I want everthing to be perfect for his arrival.

Off to bed. Tomorrow we fly SBA --> San Jose --> Denver --> Jackson Hole. It will be an all day thing. We'll spend the night in Jackson Hole and Liz and Brent will pick us up on Friday in their rented Mustang Convertible heehee for our drive through Yellowstone and to Hunter Peak Ranch, about an hour outside Cody, Wyoming. We'll be there and around there for the weekend of festivities and then hope to enjoy the area before returning home on Thursday.

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