Tuesday, November 3, 2009

37 weeks

Each week I find it harder to believe that I will get bigger ... Just looking at the 35-week photos and remember me thinking, "wow, surely I wont get much bigger than this," but it seems I most definitely have ;-).

At this point I have officially been off work for one week. It's been an absolute luxury to be off work and is definitely a major stress relief. Forget the stress induced by work, but the added stress of coming home and trying to figure out how I can squeeze everything I need into the short period of the evening before I must be in bed in order to feel rested for the next day. That weekly cycle can simply be so draining. I've definitely stayed just as busy and incredibly 'occupied', but it's much less stress to be doing the things I want to do :). It's lovely. And officially as of yesterday I feel like I've made some very wonderful progress on little Patito's room. It's coming along nicely. I wasn't too pleased with it in the beginning due to what felt to me like too many different colors going on in there, but I've done some painting on the trim of the room, door and a bookshelf and now it's coming together very well. This child already has so so so many clothes, and very stylish ones at that. It's hard for me to even believe that I every felt like I wouldn't have enough. Now, his drawers are overflowing! Now my biggest worry is ensuring I can put every one's adorable little outfits on him before he outgrows them!

We had our 37-week appointment with our midwife, Laurel, today. His heart sounds strong and great and everything is going well for me. I've gained 30 pounds!!!! Amazing, it really is. I honestly don't know how obese people do it. Simply carrying around 30 extra pounds is a LOT of work ... imagine if it were 100.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Erin, you don't look like you've gained 30 pounds. You look like all baby and you look radiant. Hope all goes well for you and Javier.