Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, shortly after announcing I was pregnant, Momita Irma said she dreamed we were having a boy. I also had a dream in that same week that we had a beautiful baby boy, but it was a confusing dream because I will soon be visiting a friend of mine in Hawaii who recently had a baby boy so I had wondered if perhaps my dream were actually about her new son. Dreams can be confusing, you know. Also last week when we sat to dinner with a few friends and had one extra chair, we set Patito's ultrasound photo in the chair (does that sound strange? It was all in good fun) and I continually referred to Patito as "him". Last night, I ran into my acupuncturist, the great John Ebadi. I shared the good news with him and the first thing he said was, "show me your tongue." He examined my tongue, which tells a great deal about one's health, and grabbed my wrists and held onto them for about a minute feeling the pulse of each wrist. He said, "you're having a boy."

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  1. Great stories Erwin! I really like the name Patito actually. What a trip it would be if you do have a little baby boy. Duck boy ;) Much love from the NW. Rian