Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Counter Intuition

To set the record straight, my mom believes that I will be having a girl. She has professed that she is "usually right, but if it is a boy, that's okay." Thanks, Mom! My friend, Luly, also feels strongly as though I will be having a girl. So the trick that my acupuncturist used was to feel the pulse in each of my wrists. Apparently if the pulse is stronger on the left hand, then the woman will be having a boy. If the pulse is stronger on the right hand, that signifies a girl. I did the trick on another girl I know who is pregnant and felt that her left was stronger as well. The good thing about this trick ... we will for sure be able to test it's accuracy.

In other news, I continue to feel pretty good. Less nauseous, but more tired. I tried to get a little more exercise this weekend as I know it is important for me and Patito. It's tough to exercise during the week because my regular days exhaust me so much. But there definitely seems to be a direct correlation between the exercise and me feeling better.

I have an appointment with the Sansum midwife tomorrow. I'm very excited about this. After seeing "The Business of Being Born" I had figured I'd be as anti-hospital birth as possible, but now that I'm here at this time in my life, I feel like I do not have the time use an "alternate route" if you will. I told my doctor about my concerns and she assurred me that they will do their best to ensure my delivery is as I want it (yes, because this is the way it always goes, huh?). But the point is I'm excited that my OB/GYN department has a midwife. It will be nice to meet with her.

Javier left for Japan today. He's quite concerned about me catching the Swine Flu. He went out yesterday and purchased masks and hand sanitizers and really wants me to use this stuff. Cute. I'm pretty stubborn though and confident about my health and my strong immune system. He and I will see each other again this Saturday in Hawaii, where I will be visiting with Mandy. She just gave birth to a new son on February 1st and I have not shared my news with her yet. I think she's going to be pretty excited so that will be fun!

I seem to have leveled out at this new bloated size. I found another pair of jeans I can wear - big excitement at the Muslera house!

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