Thursday, June 11, 2009

16 weeks

I rescheduled the appointment with Dr. Green. I was supposed to meet with him on Monday, but on top of a busy schedule Monday, figured it would be better to wait for Javier's return. I did, however, meet with another midwife, Anna Bunting, on Tuesday. I went to her house and I really enjoyed her. I liked her energy a lot and she excited me again about the thought and possibility of a home birth. Now the question is is it worth dropping my current doctors if I plan to do the home birth? They would only be in place as back up so maybe it's not worth the switch? Oh, and the midwife thinks I am a week further along than the doctors think I am. So according to her I'm 17 weeks ... I'll just try to be ready a few weeks early!

I really do just want to make a decision and move forward! But I need to make and informed and intentional decision. The fact that "most" people do hospital births does make it a little more comfortable, but I would be on top of the world if we had our baby at home. What an accomplishment and what an amazing entrance for Baby Muslera.

The Art of Joyful Living workshop was great! I got all kinds of tools to help get out of negative thought patterns. The idea is that we really can manipulate our reality by our thinking and our energy. Really cool stuff and a lot of fun! Totally California ;-).

An old friend of mine is in town from Atlanta. She was over for dinner last night and insisted we do the "ring test" to find out if I'm having a boy or girl. This test, which we completed twice, says we will be having a girl. Controversy is heating up - acupuncture test says boy, ring test says girl ;-)! We'll find out on July 1!

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