Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 17

Javier and I met with Dr. Green yesterday. It was definitely different being in a "private practice" office vs. the public clinic approach I have with Sansum. The wait was much longer, all the ladies in the office were so much nicer and happier so I didnt mind. I was kind of afraid about Dr. Green being so old (he's 73), but when we met him he has a much younger appearance and he is really with it. It was pretty much a consult visit and he definitely spent the time just answering our questions. I found him to be EXTREMELY helpful. He gave us a lot of insight into the hospital birth process. No matter which doctor we choose (if we choose a doctor over a homebirth midwife) we will deliver at the only hospital in Santa Barbara where babies are delivered, Cottage. So he was very insightful. We learned that once you check in there they assign one nurse to you personally. This is a good thing, but you still have to think about them changing as they will on their shifts. If we go with Green or Ramos (private practice doctors) they will more than likely attend the birth whereas if we stay with Sansum we will be subject to the doctor who is on call at the time we're ready to push. But Dr. Green says that the nursing staff at Cottage has learned a great deal in the very recent years about approaching childbirth as a more natural process. Historically Cottage is where the high-risk deliveries were and there was another hospital/birthing center in town where the normal prenancies went. That birthing center has since closed down so the nurses who were there are now at Cottage which has been a fantastic thing according to Green.

I need to post some new photos soon. I'm blowing up ;-)

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