Tuesday, June 2, 2009

15 weeks

So here we are. We've reached 15 weeks. I feel good, really good. I feel happy and finally have some of my standard energy back - YEAH - and also to have a relatively normal appetite. There is definitely a difference in how I feel now that I've reached the "second trimester". Also, I think the reality is setting in more and it just continues to feel more exciting. We're still far enough away to not have that super reality feeling (like OH CRAP), but we're far enough into it to be super excited.

We met with Mary Jackson yesterday. She came to our home for a 30 minute visit. She used the time to tell us about her, her training, her philosophy, the risks and the reality of home birth. I enjoyed hearing all of this and her story is definitely amazing. I have no doubt that she has more experience than any doctor here in SB with births, but I have to say when she left I just wasn't 100% convinced that this is the way we should go. I'm still exploring options. I would prefer to take a tour of the hospital soon too, to determine how I like the birthing rooms they have. The good news is that Javier's insurance covers 70% of the midwife's fees. That's really good considering my insurance would cover zip for the midwife. We're definitely not decided on anything yet and will still keep open minds and listen to our (well, my) gut!

I'm really enjoying the prenatal yoga with Siddhi. She's great and the exercises are wonderful too. They're pretty challenging and they are not things that I have done before for the most part. I'm still running a bit and am trying to plan more walks with friends. Santa Barbara is a lovely place for being outside... even in gloomy June, which I personally LOVE.

I've got a new trick and with it today I am using some of the jeans I haven't been able to wear in some time. It's a hair band trick and it's working today, and maybe for the next month, but I don't see that it is going to last too much longer! I'm popping out. We took a couple of photos on Sunday evening which I will post very soon.

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