Sunday, May 17, 2009

13 weeks

Another week has quickly passed by. This was a big week for me. I announced the pregnancy to my boss and my director. They seemed happy for me. My director, Dave, asked, "Do you know how this happened?" haha. It was a relief to tell them because that opened up the possibility for me to start sharing the news with my workmates and friends at Yardi. I shared the news with management on Thursday and with everyone else on Friday. It was a big day and since I work with mostly men (and mostly young men) the reactions were really funny. Men don't really scream with excitement. They say funny things. But I'm seriously very relieved to have the word out so that now I don't have to worry so much about the way my clothes look ("can you tell in this shirt?"). At this point my waist has grown 3 inches and I am up about 4 - 5 pounds. It dawned on me that instead of reading all these books about pregnancy perhaps I should start reading books about babies! I just ordered a couple. Javier's friend, Diego from Spain, was staying with us this weekend and he is certain I am having a girl. I love to get people's feelings about this. Diego, Javier and I talked a bit about names. Hilarious. Diego and Javier both really like the name "Igor" - seriously. hahahahaha. And for a girl they both like the name that their mutual friends, Jorge and Sarah, picked for their daughter, Lucia. That is a nice name, but they don't get the unspoken protocol that you don't steal your friends' names ;-).

Okay, I'm going to attempt to post some photos...

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