Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Week 11

Back from Oahu and trying to settle into the work groove. I still want to be hanging out on the North Shore though! I had, quite possibly, one of the worst flights of my life on the way over. I forgot my Bose Noise Cancelling headphones and sat right in front of two young boys and a mother with zero control/discipline. Yes, I realize it is ironic that I am choosing to judge her. That could be me soon, but I honestly don't think it ever would be. How can you let your children be so bad?!?!?! They were not babies, mind you. They are old enough to understand, "sit down and be quiet, now." ;-)

Hawaii was interesting on another level as well. I was there to visit with friends (Mandy & Jeff) who have a 3-month old little boy, Pierce. Pierce is adorable and wonderful, but I got to see first hand that he is also a full-time job. I kind of freaked out .... you really do not get a break when you have baby!! OH MY GOSH I HOPE I'M READY FOR THIS!

It was wonderful visiting with friends and we really had a great time in Hawaii. It was too short actually! One of the highlights for me was definitely the North Shore. For Javier, I'm certain it was the surf lessons at Waikiki. I returned yesterday to yet another fire in Santa Barbara. It's always so devastating. I hope this one is maintained quickly, but it's not looking good due to the heat and the wind.

In other news, I'm up to 115 lbs, often hungry and able to wear even fewer of my "normal" clothes.


  1. You and Javier are going to be PERFECT for the job!! :)