Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Since publicizing the pregnancy news, I've been sent into a strange frenzy of "oh, this is for real ... I need to start doing prenatal yoga ... need to start learning about the birth process ... need to start eating better, etc." I decided to start opening up the conversation about birth to women that I know and women who have been through the process somewhat recently. My cousin, Holly, has given birth to 3 children, 2 in the hospital and one at home, so she is a wealth of information. Starting these conversations has begun to introduce me to an entire vocabulary of which I was completely ignorant of 1 week ago: episiotomy, Braxton-Hicks, oligohydramnios. I am the type of person who likes to be informed. In fact, I cannot get enough information. I currently have no less than 20 pregnancy books at my bedside, but I think it's time to get some birthing books as well! I do not want to be afraid of the birthing process, but at this point in my life I've heard a LOT of stories/realities rather. I'm probably the most afraid of the downward spiral that seems to be somewhat typical with Western births: first they induce with Pitosin ... and since they've induced you're in a ton of pain so you need an epidural ... since the epidural is so strong you cannot push because your numb ... since you cannot push the baby doesnt come ... you need a c-section. Okay, so I could be being a tad extreme, but I just have my trepedations about using a hospital to give birth. I'm the type of person who would prefer to see and acupuncturist and take herbs if I am sick, rather than take antibiotics. In fact it's been years since I've taken and antibiotics. I don't even take Advil or Tylenol and tend to deal with the problem rather than the symptom of the problem if possible. Western medicine simply isnt like this. I don't want to fault it ... it's just not my style most of the time. I'm no fool, sometimes Western medicine is absolutely necessary, but I believe it's more rare than most would think. So here I go looking for midwives and doulas in the area! In my "ideal birthing world" I would give birth at a beautiful birthing center here in Santa Barbara in a room with dim lights, nice music, a big tub and knowledgable midwives, doulas and nurses. Things would progress quickly, but not so quickly that I get "torn" (oh my, yes I must write about this). Anyway, at the present time no such place exists. It appears that my choices are at home or in the hospital with a doula. I'm calling around and will start the interviewing process asap. I found a prenatal yoga class on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays which will work with my schedule =). I'm full speed ahead in thinking about having the type of birth and delivery that I want, but I've know full well that I could possibly cave (this is my disclaimer so I don't catch a lot of crap if I do - heehee).

According to my pregnancy book Patito is currently the size of a peach. My current weight gain - 5 pounds.

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  1. your downward spiral story is EXACTLY what happened with Becky when she had Devin. If I end up having kids I'll definitely be following your path rather than the other.