Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 12

We're now in week 12, the time when most believe the risk of miscarriage significantly decreases. I still feel a little afraid though. I've just heard far too many stories/realities that definitely keep me aware that you can just never be too sure. Also, in the beginning I 'felt' like I was growing a lot, but now I don't really feel like I'm growing. I've gained about 4 pounds and have stayed steady for a few weeks. I'm a little less tired, although I still need my sleep. And thankfully I'm not dealing with as much nausea although it does still exist. The most frustrating thing right now is when I get hungry, I am hungry for very specific foods. If those foods are not available nothing else really tastes that great. On the menu at the Muslera's this weeks has been creamy rice, mac-n-cheese, and mashed potatoes.... LOADS of creamy CARBS!

I had a dream last night about the baby. This time it was very clear that it was my baby and he was a tiny baby boy. He was all wet, maybe sweaty, but I was very worried that he was uncomfortable. In my dream we had not yet come up with a name, but I heard another woman call him something. I asked her what she had called him. She replied, "Peterson Anderson, that's his name." I was quick to tell her that we had not come up with a name yet, to which she replied, "Javier told me that was his name." I was so upset because he had never even brought that name up to me. How funny! So this baby now has a few names: Patito, Tito, and Peterson Anderson!

I spoke with Javier's mom on Thursday of last week. Keep in mind that when we speak, we speak in Spanish on the telephone so you can imagine how the telephone conversations go! Anyway, I *think* she was professing to me once again about the certainty that she feels we are having a boy. At this point I'm starting to worry that if we find out we're having a girl that she'll be disappointed so I tried to communicate that to her on the phone. I'm sure either way she will be happy, but I just wanted to try to prepare her. I have to be honest though, at this point I feel that it is a boy as well.... It's very strange that you can get a feeling like this from a little human that is currently the size of a lime.

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  1. Do NOT name it Peterson Anderson!! Congrats Erin. I am so happy for you. PR has a smile on his face that won't stop.